Sunday, November 20, 2011

Getting Ready For Thanksgiving!

Norman Rockwell painting, Freedom From Want, that appeared in the
Saturday Evening Post, March 6, 1943.

Thanksgiving is almost upon us and I've been busy picking up some last minute items this week, hoping I've remembered everything and impatiently awaiting a wonderful dinner that everyone looks forward to...including me!
I love cooking Thanksgiving dinner for my family, which generally means getting up early to start getting the stuffing ready so I can get the turkey in the oven and by the time the kids get up, they're rushing into the kitchen telling me how good everything smells and asking when it'll be done so we can eat! I have to admit that I'm just as impatient and love when everything's on the table and I can finally sit down and relax.
As much as our holidays have become such a big commercial business, I find that most people don't think about taking time to give thanks for what they have. Maybe they've been struggling financially, or they've dealt with health issues, or maybe their marriage isn't so happy. We live in a challenging time for sure, but if we let the problems we suffer from completely overshadow our lives, then I can understand why some folks don't feel so grateful.
But I find that I've been so very blessed in my life. I have a wonderful husband who (by the grace of God), survived and recovered from a brain aneurysm and a stroke several years ago, and who I adore and love with all my heart. I have six wonderful children and two grandchildren that I love dearly. My husband has a job, we have a roof over our heads and food on the table every day, so I'm VERY grateful that God has blessed me with so much! I won't tell you that everything's been perfect over the years, but I know God hasn't made me go through anything He feels I can't handle and I never lost my spirit of thankfulness because of any hard times I've experienced. Life can certainly be a humbling learning experience for sure!
I know everyone's busy this week and I probably won't post again until the weekend, but I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving full of family, laughter, and love.
Thanks for stopping by and hope you'll visit again real soon.
Happy Thanksgiving, and God bless!


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