Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bird Watching

Earlier this month we had a pair of wrens build a nest on the ledge under our patio roof. I watched them build the nest, watched the male bring his mate food while she sat on her eggs, then we finally heard the babies calling hungrily to their parents for food. Every day I kept an eye on them, impatiently waiting to catch that first glimpse of a small beak or a downey-feathered head.

The past few days have been heart-stopping as I watched these little babies pushing and shoving each other, knowing that it wouldn't be long before it was time to leave the nest and this morning was it.
I missed the first two babies fly out but this one was behind the grill on the ground while the other has already made its way into some bushes just a few feet away. This one would join its sibling a few seconds later.
This one I called the straggler. It waited a few minutes like it wasn't quite sure what to do, but it didn't take it long to figure it out. I watched all three babies make their way into one of the trees in the yard, going higher and higher, then over the fence and into another tree. Their parents close by, chattering and watching over each one of them. I managed to keep an eye on where they were for a while, then caught one last photo.

I had so much fun watching these little birds and a little sad to see them go. I've watched other birds hatch, but you never get tired of seeing that part of the world that many folks pay little attention to. Definitely brings a smile to my face and I have to say my family enjoyed watching, too.


  1. Oh what Fun, I love capturing the bids in photos and we are hoping to see some more babies this year too!

  2. Wrens, like swallows, usually return to a favoured nesting place so you may be able to enjoy this experience each year now. My parents have a pair of butcherbirds that have raised their families in a nearby tree for many years now. They come in for 'breakfast' each morning, bringing their offspring with them, and if my parents are away for a few days the birds know and return when their 'landlords' come home. Sometimes I'm not sure who 'owns' the place though :).

  3. It has been fun watching them and I always keep an eye out for "my" babies. I was so worried about them for their first night out of the nest because we had quite a storm, but the next day they were flying around the back yard.
    I've left the nest alone because I wasn't sure if the same pair would use it again, or maybe another, but we'll see. Right now I'm having a blast watching the hummingbirds chasing each other and zooming around the patio. They're a hoot!