Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Stormy Weekend

The remnants of Tropical Storm Lee brought quite a bit of rain and strong winds through here this weekend and apart from a few fallen branches and some standing water in the back yard, we managed to escape the flooding and wind damage other parts of the state suffered. We went from a month of temperatures just shy of 100, to mid 60s and torrential rain.........
  Our temporary pond.......

When I was outside taking these pictures the wind was really blowing the trees back and forth, although looking at this you couldn't really tell. But I have decided that these kinds of storms must be normal for Alabama because since we moved here in March this is usually what we get, and I'm just thankful that the trees are still standing and nothing worse happened! Mother Nature can be a fierce lady and you never know what any storm might bring.
Looks like no more rain until this coming weekend, the sun is actually peeking through the clouds this morning, and I'm really enjoying the cooler weather.  

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