Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Goals For 2012.......Not Resolutions

As the new year has arrived, I've decided it's time for something different. No more resolutions but instead, positive thinking and believing in myself.
Over the holidays my husband's sister-in-law bought me a book by Louise L. Hay called, "You Can Heal Your Life", and she said it has worked wonders in her life. Now understand, I have ALWAYS been the world's biggest pessimist and as my Mother would often tell me, I was my own worst enemy. I always expected myself to fail or fall short in one way or another and when it happened I was of the mind set of, "See??? I knew I couldn't do it!!!" or "I knew I wasn't smart enough to do that". Those thoughts came so easily to me my entire life, that I honestly believed it. What Louise Hay tries to do in her book, is to teach us to re-program the way we think and start believing in ourselves with positive attitudes and yes, FAITH, because you can't have one without the other.
The book also attempts to get you to look at/come to terms with the CAUSE of our negative thoughts and beliefs, turn them around and move forward. There are also exercises and affirmations in each chapter to help reach our goals, including daily affirmations (positive acknowledgements) to start the day.
I just started reading this book and I'm determined to change my life and thoughts into something positive to be the best person I can be, not just for myself, but to be the best wife and mother as well. I'm also learning not to overload myself with too many things during the day. I choose what I need or want to do for that day, finish them, and then move onto the next so that at the end of each day I can feel good because I actually finished what I started instead of trying to do a dozen things at the same time. For me, this is a more positive way of starting out the new year. Setting realistic goals, following through, and most importantly, learning to be kind to myself and truly LIKE what I see in the mirror every day.
So here's one of my daily affirmations.......2012 will be the best year ever and I'm worth every moment of it!


  1. Sounds like an interesting book and a great goal.

  2. It really is and something I wished I'd of done years ago! Just doing some positive things for me and getting myself in order. :)