Sunday, January 8, 2012

Spring Cleaning & Thoughts Of Gardening

We're only in the first week of January and my mind is on getting some spring cleaning done around the house and of course, planning my garden. I had hoped to be able to get outside and work on cleaning up around the shrubs in the front yard so I could start amending the soil in a new flower bed, but it's been raining all morning and it doesn't look like I'll make it outside today. But that's ok. I've got plenty to do inside, AND I've got a new seed catalog that came in the mail the other day that I'd really like to take my time to go through. Hmmm.......sounds like a good cup of tea is in order while I'm browsing!

Just a bit of rain.......

So, my day will be a bit of cleaning, getting the laundry caught up, and maybe a nap later on (only after I go through my catalog!). Rainy days make me so sleepy and lazy, and sometimes it just feels good to snuggle under the comforter and doze off to the sound of rain falling outside.
I hope you're having a wonderful Sunday wherever you are and thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. It's an absolutely beautiful day here in South Carolina; supposed to get up to mid-- 60"s; it's all ready 64*. We just returned from a walk in the neighborhood with the two dogs. Now I'm going to sew for awhile and perhaps add in one of those naps you spoke of in your post.

  2. I'm ready to do a bit of cleaning. My planing and harvesting dates are very different from the rest of the US. I am currently harvesting tomatoes! I'll have to post pictures soon.